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24 August 2022, Dublin, Ireland  

Superfy launches, expanding platform to cover sustainability goal and performance management, in addition to waste and recycling management, for enterprises and municipalities

Taoglas Waste Technologies has transformed to become Superfy, a new company focused on empowering organizations using the Superfy digital platform to achieve their sustainability goals.

The new brand identity reflects a focus on delivering a fully customizable software platform for organizations seeking to enhance their operational digital transformation. Over the past 12 months, the business has gone from strength to strength and has identified a series of further growth opportunities in connecting organizations from operational efficiency through to sustainability reporting.

“I am very excited about this new venture for Superfy. The operations focused platform allows organizations to enhance and automate their sustainability reporting with accurate analytics. We also have the option of adding IOT sensors as a service which automatically report into the platform. This real time information makes operations much more efficient, creating huge savings in time and money,” said Ronan Quinlan, CEO of Superfy.

He added “Unlike other platforms on the market which only cover niche operations or sustainability requirements, Superfy provides a combination of both with off the shelf modules that you can self-service with, and we also have a dedicated team that deliver fully customized end to end solutions to meet large organizations program and integration requirements.”

Leon Hayes, COO of Superfy stated “Over the past 12 years, we have connected tens of thousands of assets to our platform to help our customers to better understand and improve their waste management operations and, by extension reduce their environmental impact. The smart waste management market is no longer limited to sensors and data, it’s about how we use this data, report on it, take actions on it and improve our impact on the planet.”

The creation of Superfy is a reflection on the company’s expanded focus in supporting the environmental and impact goals of their customers. More and more companies and organizations around the world are moving to shared value business models, that are not only profitable but also provide a positive impact on society and the natural world. Accurate reporting and oversight for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainability initiatives are required to support these shared value models and Superfy is building solutions to meet this growing demand.

About Superfy

Superfy delivers sustainable smart resource management solutions through technology, empowering enterprises and connecting cities. Our solutions cover waste, recycling, operations, workforce and fleet management. The Superfy platform tracks and monitors your operational impact to drive efficiency, enhance operational performance, reduce CO2 emissions and meet your ESG reporting requirements. The platform integrates seamlessly into existing workflows between employees, customers and service providers.

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John Dillon, VP Marketing, Superfy