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Delivering a more sustainable world - together

At Superfy, we specialize in waste and recycling technology, focusing on operational efficiency in collection and materials management.

Using a combination of our software, smart containers and sensors, we offer innovative solutions to optimize operations and drive sustainability.

Delivering a more sustainable world - together

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  • Why Superfy?

    We work with resellers, distributors and agents globally across North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and South Africa.

  • Selling Superfy

    Superfy takes a unique perspective on resource management with our range of software and IoT hardware. Our software can integrate with other existing platforms and solutions, creating even more business opportunities for our partners.

  • Learning with Superfy

    Get exclusive access to Superfy University, our product knowledgebase, and dedicated platform training.

  • Marketing & Growth Opportunities

    We create highly targeted digital campaigns to bring leads directly to our partners.

Resell with Superfy

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