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Track and report on all materials throughout product lifecycle

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policies for products and packaging, as part of a growing focus on sustainability and a circular economy, requires organisations to better manage and track all materials related to their products.

Superfy provides a real-time, accurate and cost effective materials management solution for Producer Responsibility Organisations (PRO) to meet EPR requirements.

Track and report on all materials throughout product lifecycle

EPR policy examples in the product life-cycle

EPR policy examples in the product life-cycle

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Reduce your operational costs of managing your EPR system

While good for the environment, the implementation of an EPR system adds complexity and cost to your operations. Knowing where your products and materials are during manufacturing and production can be cumbersome enough, never mind once they’ve left the organisation facilities.

Superfy provides a sophisticated solution for reducing the costs of implementing a fully traceable process for tracking your product and material lifecycle. Using a combination of tags and sensors, along with a comprehensive software solution, you can digitize and automate the entire process of tracking materials, reporting location and volume, as well as all administrative tasks, such as payment processing, work order handling and carbon emissions reporting.

  • Automate data capture and processing
  • Easily manage administrative functions – billing, payments, reporting, CRM, workforce
  • Lower EPR costs through sustainability improvements
Reduce your operational costs of managing your EPR system

Digitize all information capture and processing

Do you rely on manual recording of information and additional administrative resources to manage each step of the EPR process.

The Superfy platform consolidates a variety of tasks and processes into one solution, ensuring accurate and auditable information is readily available. Linked to the date capture is a scalable set of modules to enhance the variety of operational administrative functions for your organisation.

  • Streamline operational processes
  • Automate material collection frequency and efficiency based on fill levels of containers

  • Record online, location-based inventory of all materials and container assets

  • Create dynamic routes to service and collect waste and recycling materials and containers

  • Centrally manage administrative functions
  • Manage billing, payment processing and additional costs

  • Capture taxes and rebates by waste type and product lifecycle stage specific to EPR system

  • Gather independent, accurate and auditable information
  • Provide instant carbon emissions and sustainability reporting functionality

  • Capture all inspection reports and infringement reporting

  • Maintain an audit trail of material collections

Digitize all information capture and processing

Accurately capture the right information at the right time

How accurate is the information you gather currently? Can you measure where your products and materials are at all times? Do you rely on 3rd party data for your reporting?

With Superfy, you can measure all product materials and capture all information in a single platform, ensuring you have full visibility and oversight of all stages of the product lifecycle.

  • Use a variety of sensors and technologies to capture relevant information

  • Monitor location and status of product at discrete stages in lifecycle

  • Measure volume and weight of all products and materials

  • Measure fill level capacity of material containers to optimise waste collections

  • Record location of collection vehicles at all times

Accurately capture the right information at the right time

About EPR and PRO

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy which places responsibility for the entire life-cycle of the product with the producer of products, including the material recovery and recycling from waste streams. Typical products within EPR systems include small consumer electronic equipment, packaging, tyres and lead-acid batteries.

Managing and overseeing these schemes, Producer Responsibility Organisations (PRO) take on various services ranging from oversight and reporting to more comprehensive collection and recycling services on behalf of the producer.

Depending on the product, company and location, the EPR responsibility and cost can vary throughout the product life-cycle, including material taxes on virgin materials, Upstream Combination Tax/Subsidy (UCTS), Advanced Disposal Fees (ADF), Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) or product take-back requirements.

About EPR and PRO

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