Connecting and optimizing your entire waste & recycling network

We develop software solutions for companies and government organisations to manage your waste and recycling operations and reporting. Giving you real time analytics and reporting. Saving you huge amounts of time and money and reducing your project risk to a minimum.

Slide 0: Waverley
Slide 1: Vicinity Centres
Slide 2: Telus
Slide 3: Telstra
Slide 4: Sydney Zoo
Slide 5: Surf coast shire
Slide 6: Street Furniture Australia
Slide 7: Spark
Slide 8: Shire of Esperance
Slide 9: Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Slide 10: Penrith City Council
Slide 11: MRA
Slide 12: Fulton Hogan
Slide 13: Fujitsu
Slide 14: Ecobatt
Slide 15: Cleanaway
Slide 16: City of Whittlesea
Slide 17: City of Townsville
Slide 18: City of Paramatta
Slide 19: City of Melbourne
Slide 20: City of Greater Geelong
Slide 21: City of Gold Coast
Slide 22: City of Darebin
Slide 23: City of Canada Bay
Slide 24: City of Bunbury
Slide 25: Christie
Slide 26: Canterbury Bankstown
Slide 27: Cairns Regional Council
Slide 28: Australian Gov Act
Slide 29: Auckland Transport
Slide 30: Albury City

Honoured to collaborate with these great organizations and cities


Advancing sustainable solutions for all

Superfy has been successful in delivering a wide range of sustainable smart waste and recycling solutions for numerous cities, municipalities, waste collectors and enterprises across the globe. Our customers have seen immediate benefits across their operations and have started their journey to digitization.

  • Sustainability – Track your net zero, circular economy and zero waste initiatives using global reporting standards.
  • Waste and recycling – Manage all your waste and recycling initiatives and processes, such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), deposit return schemes, single-stream recycling.
  • Operations and workforce – Drive efficiency into your operations, workflow management and optimal use of resources.
  • Fleet and assets – Monitor the location and movement of all assets, optimize routing and navigation.

Smart Resource Management for a Circular Economy

At Superfy we aim to reduce the use of non-renewable, natural resources and achieve zero waste by supporting your organisation to renew, recycle and reuse products and resources. However, implementing this process can be costly, time-consuming, inaccurate and opaque. At Superfy, we deliver smart resource management solutions to overcome these challenges.

Smart Resource Management Diagram
Smart Resource Management Materials Management
Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Track products and materials throughout the product lifecycle

Smart Resource Management Deposit Return Schemes
Deposit Return Schemes (DRS)

Access accurate information and manage all transactions

Smart Resource Management Recycling
Single and multi-stream recycling

Minimise the cost of collecting and tracking all products and materials

Image for Sustainability


Image for Asset Management

Asset Management

Image for Weight Tracker

Weight Tracker

Image for Reporting


Image for Container Management

Container Management

Image for Routing


Real-time analytics and reporting

Mobile Dashboard

We empower organizations through our digital platform to achieve your business and sustainability goals. Our smart resource management platform supports the automation of your data capture, analysis and corrective actions.

  • Capture real-time accurate data on your resources in one centrally managed platform for all business units and sites within your organization.
  • Analyse the data and report on your key environmental areas of focus.
  • Enhance your organization’s operational and sustainability performance with monitored measures of improvement.
Features Iamge

Provide Deep Insights and Analytics

Features Iamge

Reduce Operational and Infrastructure Costs

Features Iamge

Reduce Environmental Impact


Digitize your emissions with a range of industry leading modules

Delivering solutions in areas of high environmental impact for your business.

Solutions for your unique challenges

See how Superfy can advance your organizations goals and solve complex challenges with our tailored solutions.

Sustainability Managers
Sustainability Managers
Empowering Sustainability Managers to reduce climate impact
City Managers & Urban Planners
City Managers & Urban Planners
Empowering City Managers to implement a smart waste city
Waste Collectors
Waste Collectors
Empowering Waste Collectors to increase services and productivity
Facility Managers
Facility Managers
Empowering Facility Managers to optimize their labor resources
Finance Managers
Finance Managers
Empowering Finance Managers to automate and deliver standardization across financial processes
Fleet Managers
Fleet Managers
Empowering Fleet Managers to optimize vehicle utilization

Plans to suit all teams

Get a flexible pricing based on your needs. Understand and learn about cost optimization, and request a custom proposal.


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Create and manage your waste management assets with your smart bins
  • Up to 100 Assets
  • Predictive Collection
  • Collection History
  • IoT Enabled
  • Team License


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Implement a customized solution for all your sustainability, waste and recycling workflow needs
  • Professional Package Plus…
  • Unlimited Assets
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Work Force Management
  • CRM & ERP
  • Telematics Integration
  • Fleet Management

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