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This newsletter features Smart Safe Bin Systems, updates on battery recycling progress in Australia, and insights from a food waste study in Canada.

How safe is your battery collection programme?

Last year, in the UK alone, there were over 700 fires in recycling or waste vehicles and recycling centres. All of these fires were caused by crushed or damaged batteries.


Smart Safe Bin Systems

Smart Safe Bin Systems

Battery Collection and Recycling

  • Temperature monitoring support for battery collection systems
  • Fill-level measurement for reduced operational costs
  • Real-time alerts and reports on temperature and fill levels

US Recycling Organics at COP28

US Recycling Organics at COP28

The US EPA unveiled a Draft National Strategy for Reducing Food Loss and Waste and Recycling Organics at COP28. The strategy aims to minimize food waste by 50% before 2030 with enhanced organic waste recycling infrastructure.

TELUS, using Superfy technology, conducted a food waste case study to inform circular food system tactics and assist businesses and organizations in curbing food waste.

Australia Battery Market Analysis

Australia Battery Market Analysis

Highlights from the Battery Stewardship Council  Market Analysis report include:

  • an increase in the collection rate for handheld batteries under 5kg from 11% to 16% over 3 years.
  • 60% of the batteries collected for recycling were deposited at retail collection points.

About Superfy

Superfy delivers sustainable smart resource management solutions for the circular economy, empowering enterprises and connecting cities.

We are solving the problem of low recycling rates by enabling cost effective, scalable nationwide materials collection and recycling programmes. We support a wide variety of material collections, including batteries, soft plastics, organics and glass.

Our software platform, sensors and smart containers track and monitor waste and recycling materials, enabling operational improvements and efficiencies throughout the collection and processing value chain.