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Digitize Waste Processes from Bin to Truck to Depot

With current waste system lacking integration options and requiring large amounts of manual input, it has become impossible to utilize data-based waste management practices.

Increase profits and productivity by seamlessly digitizing your waste operations across the various back-office platforms into superfy’s ERP smart waste and fleet management system. Integrate existing solutions or customize your solution from our industry-leading marketplace.

Spend more time servicing your customers and leave the technology to us!

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Improve and Expand Service Offerings

Customers are demanding cost-effective and sustainable services that provide full transparency, eliminate the cost of unnecessary collections, prevent situations of waste build-up (overflowing), cut down on contamination, reduce organizations Carbon Footprint, and provide complete managed services around compliance and sustainability.

Superfy Waste Insights empowers waste collectors with sustainable solutions that align with their customers’ demands while giving them the ability to open new lines of revenue.
Learn how we can help improve and expand your service offerings through trusted technology!

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Efficient utilization of fleet and labour resources

As in many other sectors, technological developments are driving significant change in how waste is managed and the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling a new era in waste management, increasing efficiency, lowering collection costs, diverting waste away from landfills and helping to achieve sustainability goals.

The need to utilize data-based waste management practices is crucial to the success of waste collectors in the future and Superfy Waste Technologies is here to empower a cleaner future through technology.

  1. Reduction in operational costs
  2. Provide sustainable solutions to your customer
  3. Provide optimized routing and waste collection to better utilize resources
  4. Real-time task tracking eliminates the paperwork by managing all contracts digitally.
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Delivering results through trusted technology

Up to
Savings on in fleet and labor resources
Up to
Reduced time and distance travelled by waste collectors
Up to
Reduced CO2 emissions
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Our Solution

Superfy’s all-in-one sustainability, waste and recycling management platform