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Access accurate information and manage all transactions

Deposit Return Schemes (DRS), implemented effectively, while making a big impact on producer, retailer and consumer behaviour, require investment in infrastructure and staffing to co-ordinate and manage the operation and compliance of the scheme.

Superfy reduces the cost and effort of implementing a DRS, providing a single solution to access accurate information and manage all transactions.

Access accurate information and manage all transactions

DRS Scheme - Overview

DRS Scheme - Overview

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Optimise product and material tracking

For a DRS, the ability to track a product at key points in its lifecycle can be challenging.

Using a combination of sensors, tracking devices and in-cloud software platform, Superfy can monitor the product location, as well as other information such as container owner, product collector and recycling facility. In this way, overall reporting and deposit returns can be seamlessly managed and reported.

  • Support a range of tracking options – Barcode, QR code, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth

  • Manage assets and products by type, location, condition, source

  • Provide lifecycle management of different organisations at each tracking point

  • Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and processes

Optimise product and material tracking

Manage all operational requirements

One of the challenges for organisations managing a DRS is coordinating with other recycling and waste management programs. This is important because the success of a DRS can depend on the availability of infrastructure and services to collect and process the returned products.

Superfy has a range of modules to support the various tasks and operations related to DRS, from manufacturing and distribution to retail and consumption, as well as return, collection and recycling.

  • Supply chain information on all organisations

  • Registration and producer fees

  • Deposits and deposit returns

  • Recycling reporting

Manage all operational requirements

Provide accurate, independent and auditable information

Managing a DRS requires a variety of regulatory compliance, from consumer protection to environmental protection and financial management.

As schemes expand worldwide, operational efficiency and oversight will become more important, regardless of the material being collected, be it PET bottles, aluminium cans or glass bottles.

In this regards, the Superfy platform tracks and reports on a wide range of requirements in relation to the ongoing monitoring and reporting processes of managing a DRS. This can include regular audits and reviews to ensure that the program is operating in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Categorise reports by different products and material streams

  • Track recycling rates against targets

  • Produce audit reports for producers and retailers

  • Provide reports on manufacture and distribution

Provide accurate, independent and auditable information

About Deposit Return Schemes

A Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) is a system in which a consumer pays a small deposit when purchasing a product (typically a beverage in a container), and is then able to reclaim the deposit upon returning the used product (e.g. empty container). The primary function of a DRS is to increase recycling rates and contribute to a circular economy.

A DRS is a form of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), whereby the producer takes responsibility for the collection of used products, based on a financial deposit on all products produced.

One of the main challenges of implementing a DRS is the delivery of a well-designed and well-managed system to ensure that the deposits are properly collected and returned. This can require significant investment in infrastructure and staffing, which can be costly for businesses and governments.

About Deposit Return Schemes

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