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Deep insights and analytics for a sustainable urban life

In an era of rapid urbanization, population growth and industrialization, one of the biggest challenges cities will face is how they manage the increase in solid waste and its environmental impact.

Current waste collection methods are resource-intensive, inefficient, and outdated. Most cities have a reactive approach in dealing with waste management, leading to inefficient operations of collecting, disposing, routing vehicles and pollution monitoring.

Data-driven solutions are central to making city waste operations more efficient and effective. Superfy’s Smart Waste Platform allows city manager to digitize their waste and recycling management systems providing an all-in-one municipal waste platform to optimize solid waste operations.

• Fleet analytics (route optimization)
• ESG and Sustainability analytics
• Material generation and volume analytics
• Resource allocation analytics

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Reduce Environmental Impact of City Waste

City solid waste is growing at double the rate of urbanization, creating an urgency for cities to adopt smart waste management technologies that increase efficiency, lower collection costs, divert more trash away from landfills and help meet sustainability goals.

By using a combination of superfy Waste Insights hardware and software solutions cities are able to:

• Reduction in CO2 emissions
• Reduction of overflowing waste bins by up to 80%
• Reduction of noise level
• Reduction of fuel

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Reduce operational and infrastructure costs

As population and solid waste grow in urban cities, simply just increasing collection frequency is not a sustainable solution. This would result in more empty bins being picked up, ultimately increasing CO2 emissions, traffic congestion, reduced public safety and collection costs. Smart waste management takes an innovative approach allowing cities to making data driven decisions in all aspects of its solid waste management including waste collection, waste characterization, and waste disposal processes.

This combination of IoT hardware solutions integrated into advanced AI driven software solutions is allowing cities to increase efficiencies of fleet and labor resources helping cities save over 50% in operating and infrastructure cost related to:

• Reduction of the number of vehicles
• Reduction of the number of containers
• Reduction of fuel cost
• Reduction of service cost

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Delivering results through trusted technology

Up to
Reduction in CO2 emissions
Up to
Reduction in overflowing waste bins
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