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In May, Superfy is exhibiting and speaking at a number of events worldwide.

Superfy VP  of Marketing John Dillon will be speaking about the use of smart technology to advance waste and recycling programmes worldwide.

Smart technology has the potential to revolutionize waste and resource management by enabling real-time tracking, monitoring, and analysis of waste streams. From sensors and monitoring systems to machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, smart technology offers a range of tools to optimize collection and transportation routes, identify waste hotspots, and improve recycling rates.

Waste EXPO, 2-4 May, New Orleans, USA

Coffs Waste Conference 9-11 May, Opal Cove, Australia

World Waste & Resource Management Summit  11-12 May, Berlin, Germany

About Superfy

Superfy delivers sustainable smart resource management solutions for the circular economy, empowering enterprises and connecting cities.

We are solving the problem of low recycling rates by enabling cost effective, scalable nationwide materials collection and recycling programmes. We support a wide variety of material collections, including batteries, soft plastics, organics and glass.

Our software platform, sensors and smart containers track and monitor the waste and recycling materials, enabling operational improvements and efficiencies throughout the collection and processing value chain.