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Tailored solutions to suit your needs

Many organizations are just beginning or enhancing their environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability journeys. They seek support in setting the right goals, monitoring progress and reporting on outcomes.

The Superfy platform guides our customers on the optimum sustainability and operational efficiencies for their organization according to size, type and ambition.

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Achieve your sustainability goals

We empower organizations through our digital platform to achieve your business and sustainability goals. Our smart resource management platform supports the automation of your data capture, analysis and corrective actions.

  • Set goals and align with global ESG and sustainability standards
  • Capture real-time accurate data on your resources in one centrally managed platform for all business units and sites within your organization.
  • Analyse the data and report on your key environmental areas of focus.
  • Enhance your organization’s operational and sustainability performance with monitored measures of improvement.
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Better manage your assets

The asset management module is ideal for the tagging, tracking and reporting on all business assets, from waste and recycling bins to cars and trucks on the move.

  • Fully configurable and customized platform for wide range of asset functions
  • Create tags for multiple asset types – fixed, dumb, smart
  • Reduce Operational and Infrastructure Costs

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Is sustainability integration in the workplace at a tipping point yet?

Organisations are being held accountable by current employees and the general public to take a more proactive role in being sustainable. This is an excellent, positive step, as organisations ultimately have more resources and budget to make meaningful change. Additionally, organisations can also cause a lot more damage than the average citizen by not being sustainable!

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Our Solution

Superfy’s all-in-one sustainability, waste and recycling management platform