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By John Dillon, VP Marketing, Superfy, 3 August 2023

Fridolin Engel (VP of Sales) and John Dillon (VP of Marketing) represented Superfy at the World Waste & Resource Management Summit 2023 in Berlin.

The summit dove into the latest innovations and solutions for waste and resource management, smart recycling, and recycling for circularity. Fridolin had the opportunity to speak with Olivier Bodson (Solvay), Katrin Zeiler (CHEP), and interviewer Elizabeth Ignasiak on how businesses can create new strategies for digitalized smarter waste and resource management.

Here are the top insights from the Summit through the views of our team.

Waste Isn’t A Cost Burden, It’s A Lucrative Opportunity

What advice would you give to companies looking to improve their circular economy digitally?

Many organisations still have the perception that waste is a cost burden, when actually there is a great opportunity to generate income. There’s so much technology out there now for waste that can be utilized.

Changing Our Behaviour Towards Recycling

Large organisations struggle to adapt to new infrastructure architectures due to human behaviour, different aspirations, and corporate agendas.

Superfy demonstrates how our software data can be used to modify and understand human behaviour towards recycling and waste management. Superfy’s waste and insight sensors provide organisations with the data they need, including the circularity in where your waste is going (transparency for end-to-end waste management).

Live From Berlin

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