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A sustainability expert emphasizes the importance of properly sorting waste in Canada to avoid disrupting the recycling system. Putting dirty packaging or broken glass in the recycling bin can lead to the entire contents being discarded as garbage at recycling facilities. Residents should follow their community’s rules and regulations and utilize online resources to ensure correct waste disposal, and to remember that there are no excuses for improper waste management. Read the full article here.

About Superfy

Superfy delivers sustainable smart resource management solutions for the circular economy, empowering enterprises and connecting cities.

We are solving the problem of low recycling rates by enabling cost effective, scalable nationwide materials collection and recycling programmes. We support a wide variety of material collections, including batteries, soft plastics, organics and glass.

Our software platform, sensors and smart containers track and monitor waste and recycling materials, enabling operational improvements and efficiencies throughout the collection and processing value chain.

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