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Office Skyscrapers


Many organizations are just beginning or enhancing their ESG and sustainability journeys. They seek support in setting the right goals, monitoring progress and reporting on outcomes.

The Superfy platform guides our customers on the optimum sustainability and operational efficiencies for their organization according to size, type and ambition.

Government Buildings

Cities and Governments

Country and regional government agencies are challenged with meeting regulatory net-zero, smart city and zero waste requirements.

Working with many government agencies, Superfy has demonstrated its ability to lead improvements in sustainability.

Waste Collector

Waste Management

The waste collection industry has remained unchanged for several decades. As the focus on sustainability and zero-waste initiatives increases, the waste collection industry can be part of the solution, providing detailed reporting and operational efficiencies to meet the environmental reporting objectives of their customers.

The Superfy platform optimizes many aspects of this process, from asset management to collections, routing and reporting.

Waste Sorting and Recycling Facility

Recycling Services

Recycling is at the heart of a circular economy, an essential new model of consumption for a variety of products and services, but challenges exist to ensure service providers can be delivering as economically as possible.

The Superfy platform has transformed this sector, through operational efficiencies around collection, monitoring and reporting.

DCU Alpha Innovation Centre, Dublin, Ireland

Estates and Facilities

Many estates and campus style organizations, like universities, schools, airports, shopping malls, stadiums, hospitals and parks require a new approach to how they are managing their sustainability, waste and recycling initiatives. Being able to monitor and track and large variety of emissions over a wide area is a key requirement.

The Superfy platform solves this challenge and support the operational enhancements and sustainability objectives of the organization.

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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policies for products and packaging, as part of a growing focus on sustainability and a circular economy, requires organizations to better manage and track all materials related to their products.

Superfy provides a real-time, accurate and cost effective materials management solution to meet your EPR requirements.

Deposit Return

Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

Deposit Return Schemes (DRS), implemented effectively, while making a big impact on producer, retailer and consumer behaviour, require investment in infrastructure and staffing to co-ordinate and manage the operation and compliance of the scheme.

Superfy reduces the cost and effort of implementing a DRS, providing a single solution to access accurate information and manage all transactions.

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Sustainability Managers
Sustainability Managers
Empowering Sustainability Managers to reduce climate impact
City Managers & Urban Planners
City Managers & Urban Planners
Empowering City Managers to implement a smart waste city
Waste Collectors
Waste Collectors
Empowering Waste Collectors to increase services and productivity
Facility Managers
Facility Managers
Empowering Facility Managers to optimize their labor resources
Finance Managers
Finance Managers
Empowering Finance Managers to automate and deliver standardization across financial processes
Fleet Managers
Fleet Managers
Empowering Fleet Managers to optimize vehicle utilization
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