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The time for action is now… The role of sustainability manager has never been more important with the current global climate crisis. In an industry that has seen limited technology advances is has become increasing difficult to analyze and predict the present and future state of the waste industry and its environmental impact.
With the lack of accessibility to data a sustainability manager is unable to be fully aware and monitor the environmental impact of a cities waste operations. This greatly impacts the decisions regarding the changes needed for the health of the environment related to the collection of waste.
Superfy’s new sustainable smart waste solutions allow cities to collect and automate data reporting centered around their waste collection and improving the state of the environment.

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Recommend Efficiencies in Operations

As the costs of waste management increases, there is a growing need to find improvements in a sector that is traditionally resource intensive, inefficient and high in CO2 emissions.

Leverage actionable data that supports recycling initiatives, the optimization of bin infrastructure and calculations of environmental footprint. This also allows you to educate stakeholders and the public regarding the importance of sustainable management practices.

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Reduce CO2 Emissions by More Than 40%

Using our platform can help your organization improve waste operations by instituting practices that minimize waste, reduce carbon footprint, and maximize efficiency, which will help you comply with environmental regulations at the federal, state, and local levels.

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Creating smart waste solutions for today

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Less pickups with reduction in CO2 emissions
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Leveraging of data that supports recycling initiatives
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Digitization of waste and recycling management
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