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Automate and standardize all financial processes

In order to provide in depth financial monitoring and planning of waste resources continuous analyses of financial data and monitoring are critical to understand the financial flows. Old legacy systems need to be updated with sustainable smart waste management systems.

Superfy’s Finance Management platform empowers Finance Managers to take your digital journey in automating and delivering standardization across all your financial processes. Focusing on key waste industry requirements, we deliver various components such as from invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, call centers, dispatch, payment technology, proof of service, unit economics, security, and compliance.

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Centralize cost savings and optimize profitability

By gaining visibility on key metrics that drive profitability, you will significantly increase efficiencies and control your costs.

We provide a multi-channel platform for finance managers to centralize cost savings and help optimize profitability around their assets. Eliminate spreadsheets and replace various legacy systems that make it hard to consolidate metrics.

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Reduction in operational and infrastructure costs

Smart waste management takes an innovative approach allowing Finance Managers to making data driven decisions in all aspects of its solid waste management including waste collection, waste characterization, and waste disposal processes. 

This combination of IoT hardware solutions integrated into advanced AI driven software solutions is allowing cities to increase efficiencies of fleet and labor resources helping cities save over 50% in operating and infrastructure cost related to:

  • Reduction of the number of vehicles
  • Reduction of the number of containers
  • Reduction of fuel cost
  • Reduction of service cost
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Delivering results through trusted technology

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Central control and visibility of data
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Revenue assurance margin optimization
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Reduction in total management time spent
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Our Solution

Superfy’s all-in-one sustainability, waste and recycling management platform