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Save over $1000 per bin in collection costs annually

90% of waste is picked up at the wrong time. Using IoT based fill level sensors Facility Managers can now ensure that their facility staff is collecting at the right time, every time. Fill level sensors or smart bins eliminate the need to have static pick-up up schedules empowering facilities with saving of $1000 or more per bin with dynamic container collection.

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Repurpose labor and reduce collections

By introducing dynamic container collection facility managers are guaranteed to eliminate time spend on the collection of waste allowing staff to focus on higher priority tasks needed to keep all facilities running clean and efficient. By leveraging superfy Waste Insights Facility Managers can upgrade to a more efficient waste collection process providing staff with insights to reduce walking routes.

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Capture all waste management information

You can only manage what you can measure……In an industry that has seen limited technology advances is has become increasing difficult to analyze and predict waste generation patters and its environmental impact. With the lack of accessibility to data a facility manager is unable to be fully aware and monitor waste operations and the environmental impact of it waste.

This greatly impacts the decisions regarding the changes needed for the health of the environment related to the collection of waste.
Facilities need to implement hardware solutions to collect and automate data reporting centered around their waste collection and improving the state of the environment.

Leverage actionable data that supports recycling initiatives, the optimization of bin infrastructure, reduction on carbon footprint and maximize efficiency.

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Delivering results through trusted technology

In savings per bin in yearly collection costs
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In waste collection reduction availability
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Identification of overflowing and problematic bins
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