RMA Service Policy



Superfy has established the following guidelines with the intention of providing customers with the best support and shortest turn-around time possible.

Superfy reserves the right to amend or make changes to the Superfy Service Policy as and when applicable. This Service Policy will come into force September 2022.

2.0 Warranty Period

Superfy aims to meet customer’s expectations for post-sales service and support. In addition to offering a one year global warranty for Superfy IoT Solutions, a global extended warranty service is available for customers upon request. This entitles Superfy customers to a complete and prompt repair service beyond the standard 12 month year of warranty.

Products with warranty are covered from the date of shipment against defects in design, materials and workmanship. All Superfy external peripheral products that are supplied as part of an order will only be covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty and the time period shall not exceed 1 year of coverage when purchased through Superfy.

In summary, the Warranty periods for Superfy Product are as follows:

Products Warranty Period
Waste Solution Products 12 Months Warranty
Waste Solutions Accessories 12 Months Warranty

2.1 Repairs under Warranty

Repairs for product under warranty will be carried out at Superfy Service Centers following the successful completion of the Superfy RMA procedure detailed in Section 4. For product under warranty, the return fee to an authorized Superfy Service Center will be at the customer’s expense. The shipping fee for repaired products from Superfy back to the customer will be at Superfy expense.

Should the products purchased from Superfy be found to be dead-on-arrival (DOA), Superfy must be contacted within two months from date of original shipment of any DOA event.

Superfy will commit to resolving the event through the RMA procedure or alternatively a loan replacement product will be made, until the repaired product is returned to the customer. If product is required for return to the manufacturing base, Superfy will manage the shipment and return of product, dependent on quantity, within an agreed timeframe.

2.2 Initial Survey / No Fault Found (NFF)

Superfy charge the fees below in the following circumstances:
– An Initial Survey Fee for out of warranty products.
– A “No Fault Found” fee for out of warranty products (ie: for the Initial Survey of each Product).
– In the event that a warranty product after evaluation at a Superfy Service Centre is found to be No Fault Found (NFF), the applicable pricing will be chargeable at the following rate:

Products No Fault Found / Initial Survey Costs
Superfy IoT Products US$70 + Freight Costs Back to Customer
Superfy Accessories US$60 + Freight Costs Back to Customer

2.3 Exclusions from Warranty

Superfy will consider the product excluded from warranty for ANY of the following reasons:

  1. The product has been found to be defective after expiry of the warranty period.
  2. Warranty has been voided by removal or alteration of product, warranty void labels or part identification labels.
  3. The product, within the warranty period, has been misused, abused, or subjected to unauthorized disassembly/modification.
  4. The product has been placed in an unsuitable physical or operating environment.
  5. The product has been improperly maintained by the customer.
  6. The failure of the product is caused by circumstances for which Superfy is not responsible, whether by accident or other cause. Such conditions will be determined by Superfy at its sole discretion.
  7. The product is damaged beyond repair due to a natural disaster such as a lighting strike, flood, earthquake, pandemic etc.
  8. The product returned to Superfy is incorrectly packed as per Section 4.2 or is packed in insufficient packaging that has caused damage to the product during transit.

2.4 Further exclusions include:

  1. External peripheral products and accessories originally supplied with Superfy products but not manufactured by Superfy. These are limited to standard 1 year warranty.
  2. Product updates/upgrades and tests upon the request of customers who are without warranty.

2.5 Warranty Product Exchanges:

  1. In the event that Products are exchanged under warranty, Products for return must be returned to the designated Superfy Service Centre with 14 working days of receipt of exchanged items. If returned Products are not received within this time, Superfy will consider these items purchased and invoice accordingly at the applicable pricing.
  2. Returned items that are subject to exchanges should be returned with the relevant accessories. Failure to provide accessories with returned items could result in additional charges.
  3. Products returned as a result of exchange activity are subject to charges as listed in section 2.3

Superfy provides warranty and out-of-warranty global repair services for customers at its facilities in the following locations:

Region Service Centre Location

Region Service Center Location
Europe Superfy Service Center Dublin, Ireland
Asia Pacific Superfy Service Center Brisbane, Australia
North America Superfy Service Center San Diego, USA


4.1 Obtaining an RMA Number

Creating & Submitting an RMA to Superfy

  1. The Customer / Partner completes the Superfy RMA Request form. (See the Completing the RMA Request Form section for the correct way to complete the form).
  2. The Customer / Partner will send an email to ordersupport@superfy.com with the complete RMA Request Form.
  3. Superfy will review the request and if complete and determined to be valid, will send an email to the Customer / Partner with a valid RMA number.
  4. The Customer / Partner then prepares the defective part(s) for shipment to the designated Superfy Service Centre (See How to Package the Equipment/Components for Return section).
  5. Include a shipment invoice with the following particulars:
    a. Mark clearly “Invoice for customs purposes only with no commercial value” on the shipment invoice.
    b. Show the RMA numbers, product serial number and warranty status on the shipment invoice.
    c. State that the country of origin of the manufactured goods is Taiwan.
    d. Attach the shipment invoice and the packing slip to the outside of the carton with the RMA number clearly written on the carton.

e. Use One of the following Ship To address:

Superfy Europe
DCU Alpha, Innovation House, Old Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Dublin
Tel: +355 916 9500

Superfy North America
8525 Camino Santa Fe, Suite A & B, San Diego
CA 92121 USA
Tel: +1 858 450 0888

Superfy APAC
3/441 Nudgee Road, Hendra, QLD, Brisbane, 4011, Australia
Tel: +61 1300 893 610

Please Send to the Attention of: RMA Service Department

Please do not Return any RMA until authorized RMA Number is provided.

Superfy will ship the repaired equipment to the address indicated on the RMA Request Form.