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Tracking, reporting and enhancing recycling services

As awareness and adoption of the importance of recycling increases worldwide, new business opportunities are opening up across a range of recycling services. The circular economy is encouraging producers and end consumers to change the way we consume goods and services and the waste and recycling service providers are looking to optimize their collections and reporting to be as economically viable as possible.

The Superfy platform has transformed this sector, through operational efficiencies around collection, monitoring and reporting.

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Track and manage the waste lifecycle process form cradle to cradle

Multiple module options with feature rich functionality

  • Fill level monitoring
  • Route mapping and navigation support
  • Real time insights and analytics
  • Full traceability and reporting

Delivering solutions for a wide range of applications

  • Single and multi stream recycling
  • Factory waste management
  • Short and wide range coverage support
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Sustainable smart resource management solutions through technology

  • Enable intelligent route planning and scheduling
  • Seamlessly integrate software management platforms
  • Reduce vehicle fuel collection and service costs by up to 40%

Recharging the need for battery recycling

So many of us are trying to live our lives more sustainably, whether this is making more conscious choices with our purchases of goods so they can last longer, or offsetting our carbon footprint after taking a long-haul flight…

Ecobatt Battery Recycling Bin, Australia

Case Study

Driving battery recycling efficiency

Superfy supported Ecobatt with their nationwide battery recycling programme, reducing operational costs for 14,000 collections of 1,000 tonnes of batteries.

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Our Solution

Superfy’s all-in-one sustainability, waste and recycling management platform